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I don't do a reserved list since I don't plan on doing many more of these. However if you note me in private and if I don't have much to work on then I will still take orders from time to time. :> Hats only though. Also I'm more likely to remake previous hats that are in my standard beanie pattern, than I am entirely new hats or newsboy caps as those are more complex to create and more time consuming.

Further details and actual placement of orders can be discussed via note or to my e-mail at, and I take both check by mail & Paypal for any handcrafted projects. Payment for artwork is through Paypal only. All payment is up front unless otherwise stated.

Shipping for hats is $4 inside the US and $7 everywhere else.

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Pokeymansturs: (Different teams from different games)

White - Indecisive




Ruby - Nuzlocked
Death Count- 5




HeartGold - Thinking With Portals




Black 2 - Return to Unova




Pokemon X - Welcome Gen 6

Muramasa/Parable (She's blue in game)





The good times are a rollin'

A forgotten world

Forever missing this game :iconforeveraloneplz: Old animation that I made during the first year it was out.

R.I.P. VMK 2005-2008

Club Nintendo Codes

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 15, 2014, 4:09 PM
Journal bump: Have an unused code? Send one before friday to get a free sketch request streamed live!

Each code that works will get you 1 colored character sketch of your choice :> (which can includes specific OC's compared to my regular stream requests!)

 I'll be putting the codes themselves in on Friday right before the show rather than doing it the second you send them.

So far there's only two folks that have sent codes, so if I don't get anymore by friday then during the stream the requests by those two people I'll actually flesh out fully with outlines and proper coloring- otherwise it'd be a rather short stream xD;;

Also here's a list of codes already submitted:

- PM: Sticker Star
- LoZ Wind Waker HD
- Wonderful 101
- Skyward Sword
- Nintendo Land

I won't post the full list of stuff I've got registered, but some recent games to have released that I don't have codes for yet include:

- Pokemon Y
- Pikmin 3
- Wii Fit u
- Wii Party u
- Game & Wario
- Kirby Mass Attack
- DK Tropical Freeze

I can't think of any others right now but I know there's quite a few xDDD


Anybody have some that they don't use? :P

Since I bought the wii u & 3D world used, their codes unfortunately were already used up xD;; So I was curious if anybody had codes for wii u or 3ds games that they wouldn't mind passing along via note (only if you don't use them yourself of course ;>)

I'll make it worth while by doing a sketch request stream this weekend (likely on friday evening, since I know what my homework load is going to be this weekend for a change and can plan ahead xDDD) for anybody that gives a code. Anyone can come of course but everything I'll be drawing will be from the notes I get from anybody with codes beforehand.

When you send the code you can also send a reference to the character(s) (one per code) that you'd like me to draw x,D

All the sketches will be colored and shaded like so Peachy Practice 2014 by Piranha2021

Also I'm not sure what music to jam out to in the backdrop, so feel free to recommend some different game OST's too! :0 (though if I don't settle on any in particular I may go with Paper Mario TTYD)

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Hey nice to meet'cha.

I'm a bleach blonde hat making midget sized artist wannabe with the name of a man eating plant or carnivorous fish and the year of a possible apocalyptic natural disaster tacked on the end should it's younger brother 2012 not follow through.

I go by Piranha, Kito, and silly injoke nicknames that m' friends make up with me. <3

Pinterest -
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ToonTownCentral (can't talk about dA on there, but I can at least mention the forum on here~ Feel free to friend me there as I lurk around quite often :>)…
Linkdin (don't know too much about it, but I was invited by a family member and now some others have been finding interest in it so who knows :iconpinkiepieshrugplz:)…

3DS Friend Code: 0946-2259-3394 (Ask before adding of course ;))
ACNL Dream Mansion Code: 4000-2145-5942

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What Color Link Are You?
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Lurking around the internet

:star:Background Music:star:

Just click the play button on any one of these for some smooth lil tunes for while you visit my page.~ I might change them in or out or just add more over time :>




:bulletyellow::bulletred::bulletblue:Dark Cloud 2:bulletyellow::bulletred::bulletblue:


Space Ace

You people are all so amazing sometimes you know that? ;o; Anything related to my persona Kito that was either a gift, trade, or commission will go here. :heart: Probably only one picture per artist though if someone makes more than one :faint:

Comm - Ties to the Stars -Kito and Goro's Theme- by JamesmanTheRegenold by JamesmanTheRegenold
Click the thumb to hear the actual theme~
Comm: Kito by RedBlooper by RedBlooper
Commission for Kito by ceebers by ceebers
SOCKS by MischiefLily by MischiefLily
New ID dawg by Piranha2021by Pharaoh-Ink
Gift: Kito by SynDuoby SynDuo
Gift Art: Grand Theft Cloud by Sagerootby Sageroot
Birthday Gift: Piranha2021 by Alien-Death-Hammer by Alien-Death-Hammer
Make A Wish by ToonyDream by ToonyDream
Kito and Goro by SaoirseSecrets by SaoirseSecrets

Animation by Zeurel

If I missed any Kito art somewhere from someone or someother please feel free to
note me and I'll add it in.~ :heart:




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OnyxFlare 10 hours ago  New member Student Digital Artist
Thanks for the favs! <3
Piranha2021 10 hours ago  Student Digital Artist
Anytime! <D
I had a funny dream quite a while ago where there was new Smash Bros Wii U footage on a Nintendo direct and it had Pajama Sam as a playable fighter although I forgot how he fought but his B special moves were shown, like Up B was the Hi-Jump as he flies in the air in a superhero pose following a white trail of light as he does it and his side B were he takes out his lunchbox and projectiles come out of it, his neutral B move his him charging his cape and spinning around similar to meta knight's attack. And that's all I remembered, pretty cool dream.
Piranha2021 4 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Pretty cool indeed! xD I've had quite a few dreams like that. Tends to happen whenever I've taken in a LOT of info from a particular game or show within a few days :iconimsotiredplz:
GalaxyTheCat 5 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
Piranha2021 5 days ago  Student Digital Artist
x,D You're very welcome!
T'was a very fun looking pic :>
GalaxyTheCat 5 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
eve it took me like 2 days ;u;
Piranha2021 5 days ago  Student Digital Artist
And it definitely shows!

I can't tell you how long some of my pieces have taken. One of my longest ones thusfar was proooobably 35+ hours across 2 weeks :faint:
(1 Reply)
I was actually talking with the original head writer: Dan Gilbert on the first three Pajama Sam games on a livestream once. He commented that making these sort of games takes about 5 to 6 months for finalizing the finished aspects. He said to us that Sam's original design was to be this strange scarecrow child with a pumpkin for his head but was scrapped by the developers because it looked to "seasonal" for the series. His second and final design was made by free-lance artist:
Leah Verre who also was the character designer for other HE games. And Dan also confirmed that Pajama Sam is indeed human in his "universe". That's some of the info he said to me while working on the games and he confirmed that himself and the original crew members had no involvement with he 4th game but did criticized for its awkward writing, inferior gameplay and forgettable new characters. You may have heard these before but just sharing this with you.
Piranha2021 Apr 7, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Indeed I've heard of/seen most of this, but thanks for sharing all the same! ;P There's a particular site called "The Cutting Room Floor" which a friend of mine recently shared with me, and it has all kinds of nifty behind the scenes/scrapped content from HE games and other such things
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