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Artwork Commissions :bulletgreen:
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Commissions Info by Piranha2021

Animation Commissions :bulletgreen:
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I don't do a reserved list since I don't plan on doing many more of these. However if you note me in private and if I don't have much to work on then I will still take orders from time to time. :> Hats only though. Also I'm more likely to remake previous hats that are in my standard beanie pattern, than I am entirely new hats or newsboy caps as those are more complex to create and more time consuming.

Further details and actual placement of orders can be discussed via note, and I take both check by mail & Paypal for any handcrafted projects. Payment for artwork is through Paypal only. All payment is up front unless otherwise stated.

Shipping for hats is $4 inside the US and $7 everywhere else.

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Pokeymansturs: (Different teams from different games)

White - Indecisive




Ruby - Nuzlocked
Death Count- 5




HeartGold - Thinking With Portals




Black 2 - Return to Unova




Pokemon X - Welcome Gen 6

Muramasa/Parable (She's blue in game)




The good times are a rollin'

A forgotten world

Forever missing this game :iconforeveraloneplz: Old animation that I made during the first year it was out.

R.I.P. VMK 2005-2008

G'waaaaah too many fank u's

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 15, 2015, 4:23 PM

UPDATE: There was MORE gift art that popped up today a;lkfna;sdlfsjdf ;A; :iconbigheartplz:

Check them out down below everyone.~

I THINK I got to everyone
but just when I think I do several more come in :iconpapcryplz:

Seriously alla y'all, thanks so much for the barfday wishes :,P

APPARENTLY I'm supposed to be 20 now. I'll believe that when I actually feel it and look it first :icondontunderstandplz:

I got some pretty cool gifties like a few games n' dvds I put off getting for years like Rhythm Heaven on the DS or Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog :iconlazepoolplz: and then with some gifty money I got this lovely jovely Klefki keyring I've admired ever since I learned it existed :iconloveloveplz:…

FANKS AGAIN for all the love u guys :iconbigheartplz:

and here's to another year of life (and art!) for all of you! ;v;
Shining Your Way by SynDuoBlast 'Em Kito! by Wonder-WaffleBlot by CaveaLittle present to a star by AstadylLocal Mushroom Man Finds Crescent Moon With A Nail by Alien-Death-HammerGreetings from Wutsep Dock! by Atrox-C[GIFT] Kito by SaoirseSecretsLET THERE BE CAKE!!! by ProjectEnderjack:o by NAUSEATlNGBirthday gifts #3: Piranha2021 by thefrontmanxHopeless Romantic by MischiefLily

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-Council Prize art (3 sketches & 3 colored pieces)
-PKMNation Clutch Dump
-Stream Exclusive Mario Pic (YES I STILL WANT TO MAKE THIS A THING)
-Possible Redbubble sticker & tshirt designs (I've had a few in mind for a while :iconthinkingplz:)

Mom~ :iconxanadumom:
Big Bro~ :iconfilmmakerj:
Grandma~ :iconoasispam:


Hey nice to meet'cha.

I'm a bleach blonde hat making midget sized artist wannabe with the name of a man eating plant or carnivorous fish and the year of a possible apocalyptic natural disaster tacked on the end should it's younger brother 2012 not follow through.

I go by Piranha, Kito, and silly injoke nicknames that m' friends make up with me. <3

Pinterest -
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Youtube (Speedpaint Channel, most uploads are unlisted) -…
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Neopets (I barely go on it right now, but I peak at it every once in a while) -…
ToonTownCentral (can't talk about dA on there, but I can at least mention the forum on here~ Feel free to friend me there :>)…
Linkdin (don't know too much about it, but I was invited by a family member and now some others have been finding interest in it so who knows :iconpinkiepieshrugplz:)…

3DS Friend Code: 0946-2259-3394 (Ask before adding of course ;))
ACNL Dream Mansion Code: 4000-2145-5942

What Color Link Are You?
What Color Link Are You?
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Which Disney Princess Are You?
Which Disney Princess Are You?
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Did a lil more research on the selling experience for Redbubble and deleted the poll after some non-pleasant results. x,D SO I'm looking into instead 

4 deviants said AGAIN comment with some pieces you're interested in me making available!
1 deviant said I think it'll be safe though to just suggest completely original pieces, rather than any fanart
No deviants said (Feel free to also suggest ideas of completely new artwork to make!)

Lurking around the internet

:star:Background Music:star:

Just click the play button on any one of these for some smooth lil tunes for while you visit my page.~ I might change them in or out or just add more over time :>




:bulletyellow::bulletred::bulletblue:Dark Cloud 2:bulletyellow::bulletred::bulletblue:


Space Ace

You people are all so amazing sometimes you know that? ;o; Anything related to my persona Kito that was either a gift, trade, or commission will go here. :heart: Probably only one picture per artist though if someone makes more than one :faint:

Comm - Ties to the Stars -Kito and Goro's Theme- by JamesmanTheRegenold by JamesmanTheRegenold
Click the thumb to hear the actual theme~
Blast 'Em Kito! by Wonder-Waffle by Wonder-Waffle
Comm: Kito by RedBlooper by RedBlooper
Commission for Kito by ceebers by ceebers
SOCKS by MischiefLily by MischiefLily
New ID dawg by Piranha2021by Pharaoh-Ink
Shining Your Way by SynDuoby SynDuo
Gift Art: Grand Theft Cloud by Sagerootby Sageroot
Birthday Gift: Piranha2021 by Alien-Death-Hammer by Alien-Death-Hammer
Make A Wish by ToonyDream by ToonyDream
Kito, Goro, DJ by The-Soupy-One by The-Soupy-One
[GIFT] Kito by SaoirseSecrets by SaoirseSecrets
Kito by SuperCaterina by SuperCaterina
LET THERE BE CAKE!!! by ProjectEnderjack by ProjectEnderjack

Animation by Zeurel

If I missed any Kito art somewhere from someone or someother please feel free to
note me and I'll add it in.~ :heart:




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Ghostpaint1 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Thank you kindly for the favorite :)
Piranha2021 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Sure thing! <D
Astadyl Featured By Owner Edited 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*wants to talk about the progress and the brand new ears but did the huge mistake to compare his art with yours and is now lying down crying*
Piranha2021 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Pffffffffft comparing yourself to others/putting yourself down does NOT good artist make
Be proud of all the progress you've been making, as well as what you're GOING to make down the road! :iconherotimeplz:

In any case, looks just as good as it did the last time you showed me! xD
Astadyl Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know but heh, the fact is actually that I know I could progress if I could dedicate more time to draw and that's mabe what makes me mad the mostbut that's another problem anyway Also I finished the animations part picture thingy, so I'll try this out to see if it works as well as it's supposed to (the difficulty is in doing the boots that can be distinguish from a pixel pudding) also I did draw the head a little bigger, did you even notice? is that enough or should I do a biiiiiiiiiiit more?
Piranha2021 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Digital Artist
I'll admit that I didn't notice much a difference with the head, but in a way that might be a good thing since it all looks fine to me still. xD

Seriously you're making the mod for yourself, so in the end draw it how you think it should be drawn and have fun rather than stressing out over corrections and details based on what someone else may think! ;P
(1 Reply)
Alien-Death-Hammer Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Artist
What's the best way to get a character you do not own to fit with your art style? (I'm asking since I was looking at that "my love" picture I did for your birthday and I couldn't help but think the way I drew you was in the exact same style as yours compared to the way I drew myself. In other words, it just looked inconsistent.)
Piranha2021 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Digital Artist
To draw it in your own style instead of trying to mimic the style of the artist? xD;;;

I don't really have any in depth answer for something like that. Jus draw the character in the way you'd imagine drawing it rather than the way the official artwork depicts it :iconimsotiredplz:
Alien-Death-Hammer Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Artist
Ah, I see. Thank you very much!
MischiefLily Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2015  Student Traditional Artist


literally the cutest thing…

Also it made me start playing New Leaf again and I paid off my house and I fINALLY GET AN UPSTAIRS WOOHOOOOOOO :iconspacetiredplz:
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